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    12 Pub Names That Are All Kinds Of Wrong 03.05.15 (metro Paper Exclusive - Offensive Names Of Pubs W

    madone May 3, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      12 pub names that are all kinds of wrong 03.05.15 (metro paper exclusive - offensive names of pubs warning)

      i was surfing
      trunks on and goggles and speedo
      a fantastic story needed unearthing
      12 pubs will rise your libido.
      my first one is real greasy
      its dripping like the sun hits lollies
      the pint was on the tongue and easy
      i thank no1 "the legend of the oily johnies".
      onto the second adventure
      this is more insulting and i will explain how
      she may well have debenture
      but peaceful was my second pint in "the moody cow".
      from peace to disgusting
      the next pub had anger amount
      no love to be rusting
      wont return to "the foul mouth count".
      my forth pub was brown
      you can see the curd
      straight up and into the town
      a nice "bitter" in "the rank turd".
      now we are getting sexual
      please don't get ill
      never done this factual
      1st time flopping into "fanny on the hill".
      don't make a sound
      deadly serious and shush
      got to move the ground
      licking my lips for "the round bush".
      please don't block
      is the reader full
      do you feel steady or rock
      join me for a Gin in "the **** and bull".
      i no its enormous
      and i do have plenty of stock
      its just absolutely fabulous
      cheers lets have a drink in "the famous ****".
      is the reader still excited
      please say you are randy
      you are personally invited
      onto "the **** that is dandy".
      to much is over loading
      i deem it as a sin
      my one is nearly exploding
      i have to enter "the **** inn".
      now it is a desert
      am i on the wrong pub channel
      this is a "elusive" insert
      i got dirty in "the exclusive camel".
      its nearly time for scoring
      stop thinking bonky
      in the toilet i left her roaring
      cheers to "the roaring donkey".
      thanks to the "Metro"
      your list made me chuckle
      if the reader wants some glory
      look for me as all this drink made me buckle.

      ( 12 UK pub names that are all kinds of wrong | Metro News a few days back i was reading this in this fantastic London paper and it really made me laugh. sunday morning at 5 am i was inspired to write this. i hope you can all laugh at this and maybe add a name of a pub that really effects you or you feel should be on the list. we can have great fun with this. as for the metro paper - can not wait for your next copy. going to bed now - its sunday 10am and i have done my work. if you want to never have the names of these pubs changed please sign here http://www.change.org/p/these-12-pub...t_created=true )

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