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    14 Years On 9/11

    Shortie861 Sep 11, 2015

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      14 years ago today 2,977 people were killed when planes were flown into the World Trade Center, Pentagon and one that crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania.

      Total number killed in attacks in New York: 2,977
      Number of firefighters and paramedics killed: 343
      Number of NYPD officers: 23
      Number of Port Authority police officers: 37
      Number of WTC companies in the towers that lost people: 128
      Number of employees who died in Tower One: 1,402
      Number of employees who died in Tower Two: 614
      Number of employees lost at Cantor Fitzgerald: 658
      Number of nations whose citizens were killed in attacks: 115
      Bodies found "intact": 291
      Remains found: 21,906
      Number of families who got no remains: 1,717

      We will never forget! May they all rest in peace.

    2. KyngzIndeyen

      KyngzIndeyen Getting There

      I guess there isn't really anything to say that hasn't been said numerous times over the years - but, RIP to all of the victims. My thoughts will be with all of the families affected, especially those who got no remains and no sense of closure.
      Shortie861 likes this.
    3. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Remembering the victims.
    4. Maroon Caludin

      Maroon Caludin Chataholic

      Its already been 14 years? Gosh, it doesn't feel that long, but I guess it has been...

      *sigh* I wish love and happiness to those affected, and may those lost rest in peace.
      Shortie861 likes this.
    5. Marti

      Marti Super Moderator Staff Member

      Remembering the victims.
      Shortie861 likes this.
    6. HodyPody

      HodyPody New Chatter

      It still makes me sad remembering that day.
      Shortie861 likes this.