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    7 People Masturbate But I No The Secret To Going Large

    madone Apr 4, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      7 people masturbate but i no the secret to going large 04.04.15

      welcome to the reader
      who i want to recruit
      i am your hand and feeder
      unlike all 7 i don't own a whistle and flute.
      did you hear all the waffle
      was you taken in by the charm
      was the tension awful
      did the sweat set off the fire alarm.
      Ed did excel
      i want to shake his hand
      but i remember "Brown" cracking my shell
      that's why i am skeptical on labor and Miliband.
      absolutely destroyed
      the conservatives will be livid
      i thoroughly enjoyed
      watching him squirm was David.
      the Green party were not healthy
      same old garbage
      forget the "earth" ourselves need to be wealthy
      lingering is that smell of cabbage.
      not convinced with the others
      unimpressed with the lack of interaction
      but as stand ins they were good covers
      no love loss equals no fatal attraction.
      i want to with Labor communicate
      but pulling me is Nigel Farage
      in all it was a humiliating masturbate
      i think a spoiled voting slip is the only correct way to go large.

      ( i am sorry if the reader is unimpressed with what i am comparing the leaders debate to. i feel very let down by all of them and this is why i am calling for everyone to make invalid there ballad paper on voting day. because if enough people do this - they will have to change and offer some alternative to what this country wants and deserves because at present i see nothing on the table worth voting for and i am in no way won over on the way the economy is going under this coalition as my pocket is always empty and i am struggling yet we are told we live in a very rich country yet everything is so expensive and my pay just about covers my out going costs as i am not like all the MP's and have the privilege of claiming every expense back. please sign below agreeing that 7 people on national tv should not masturbate and the only way to go large is to spoil your ballad paper to show your disgust with what is on offer. to change this government add your name here please https://www.change.org/p/government-...t_created=true )