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    A Fight About Tibet On Youtube

    Naiwen Oct 17, 2013

    1. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Jul 12, 2011
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      So this, a lulz sort of "fight"
      between me and a "biased White"
      on the Youtube.
      Now I'm saying White, because
      person I'm guessing this is probably
      a White or a Westerner.
      I'm being very sarcastic with
      him/her there.
      You may argue on his side or mine,
      I don't mind it... but don't judge
      Chinese history or the Chinese without knowing your own and China's.
      A White who doesn't know
      his/her own history.
      A N.B: I'm not saying all Whites
      are like him/her by the way...
      He/she makes me laugh with his
      weak arguments against the Chinese
      without Eurasia history.
      Or what really happened between the
      tibetans & hans...
      Now I'd like to give people here
      some historical background
      before you jump into conclusions
      like this guy/girl here, you should know some real historical facts...and not listen to anything on the News meant to
      raise anti-Chinese sentiments/feelings:
      China didn't invade Tibet,
      Tibetans/Mongols (Genghis Khan, Atila the Hun & some Tibetan cheftains some invaded us (according to the Chinese version of this and you
      can go read some of it if you know how
      to read Mandarin) & We made an alliance
      with them while facing invasions
      by Russians & White Europeans (British,
      French, Italians, Germans and etc...)
      around 1400.