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    A Petition To Get A New Road Through Highgate Wood

    madone May 3, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      a petition to get a new road through highgate wood 03.05.15

      i no what you are thinking
      its similar to hampstead heath
      could the devil be linking
      or is there a good path beneath.
      let me tell you a story
      its only self humiliating
      highgate wood gave me so much glory
      purely due to the fact of self rehabilitating.
      and now i am better
      i still have passion
      that's why the "city of London" will get my letter
      telling them not to stone or pebble ration.
      no i am not intoxicated
      or even tipsy
      do you want to get yourself educated
      go there and enter on the gate called Gypsy.
      you will be overwhelmed with emotion
      not only sound and sight but feeling
      its better then Kylie Minogue's "local motion"
      as the lack of mud and dirt won't need boots peeling.
      its also a preventative
      have you seen the advert on accident and claim
      the slosh is so slippery inflictive
      it must put "city of London" in the frame.
      please lay a pebbled road
      even in the winter highgate wood will get use
      doing this won't even make "save the earth" comity explode
      because pebbles and stones are natural and no environmental abuse.

      ( if you no highgate woods then i am sure you no where gypsy gate is and i am sure you will be aware that turning right you have a lovely pebbled path for quite a way. unfortunately this does not go right round this wood. my petition is to get this to happen. like i say in my poem, i am not asking for the wood to be tampered with as stones and pebbles are a natural sauce and if it is laid on the whole path and not just on gypsy gate bit then i am sure it will encourage more people to use the park when wet cold times hit us as it is so messy when it rains. if you sign my petition maybe the city of London will look into this for us. thanks. http://www.change.org/p/city-of-lond...even-in-winter )