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    A Split Parliament - Who's To Blame ? You Decide ?

    madone May 2, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      a split Parliament - who's to blame ? YOU DECIDE ? 02.05.15

      for way to long
      dictated has Parliament
      but judgment day to us will belong
      this is my excitement.
      i got into politics
      to better my brain
      when all my pals hit the town to be alcoholics
      i studied the "house of pain".
      absolutely smitten with Tony
      he made on me stand up every hair
      speaking sense and no pony
      i loved "labor" under "Blair".
      then "Brown" took over
      his own party he tried to corrupt
      he will never be real "butter" always "clover"
      so i left "Labor" and my removal was abrupt.
      now the nation was "blue"
      the "conservatives" are getting us out of the "red"
      being on the "brink" and "poor" is true
      was you encouraged by the "spoof" and chancellor of exchequer Ed.
      the problem with immigration
      it was Nigel's gold entry
      the failure to act from every party was frustration
      mr Farage to pay Europe millions was the refusal of the century.
      so you deserve a fracture
      i hope your work load is stressful
      more balls then any of you was "Thatcher"
      you all lacked it and that's why no 1 party was deliverable.

      ( who is to blame for a split parliament ? i would love a few reply's to rhyme please. its Saturday so less have some wacky poetry. you can send a message to your MP via this change https://www.change.org/p/voters-use-your-vote-and-cause-a-split-and-give-the-mp-s-more-work?just_created=true i tried to get this to the 3 leaders but i got intercepted by corruption.)

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