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    Acer Iconia--dual touch screens?

    Allison Jan 21, 2012

    1. Allison

      Allison New Chatter

      Jan 21, 2012
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      Has anyone seen the new Acer Iconia? It has dual touchscreens and okay specs as far as basic computer goes. It looks awesome, but I worry that if I bought it it would be more of a toy than a computer (this has also been my concern with tablets). I've read a few reviews on it, and a few people have said that the keyboard doesn't allow them to type fast enough. It's $1,000, give or take, so I'd really had to purchase it and then it sit around and only be used for play time.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      They actually look pretty smart :) what kind of things would you use this for? Say forum posting and the such?
    3. Smokey

      Smokey Shortie's Teddy Bear <3 Staff Member

      Jun 24, 2011
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      Never actually seen the new Iconia myself, but I believe Lunar Scorpio just bought one for herself and loves it. Although I don't think it's the same model you speak of. I however, bought an Asus Transformer and the keyboard dock for it. It's an android based tablet that converts into a mini android netbook. I can type fairly fast on it too :) Almost like a regular sized laptop :).

      I paid roughly $580 for both the tablet and the keyboard dock but now you can probably get both for a little over $350-400 if you look around for it. :)

      *Goes to google the Acer Iconia model you mentioned*
    4. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      Nov 15, 2011
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      never seen it, but I always thought Nintnedo be the first to come out with dual touch screens.