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    1. jnugget

      jnugget Regular Chatter

      im almost done dont know what to do anymore, my partner and i have had 0 intimacy for all most 18 months she claims its her mental health that causes it but im not buying it i mean if i go for a hug or a kiss she will pull away it almost feels like she doesnt love me but isnt willing to admit it iv asked her many times she always says its all in my head but seriously i cant stand it any longer

      i mean normaly its women who moan that there partner doesnt show affect but this time its a bloke moaning about a woman call me selfish i dont care

      is it wrong to want to feel loved????
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      There are 2 conflicting statements in there.
      1 she's claiming it's her mental health causing the problem
      2 She's claiming it's all in your head.
      At the end of the day it's your decision,if you feel there is nothing left in the relationship then the only option is to walk away.
    3. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I agree. If you feel yourself that this may be the end of the road and she doesn't seem interested any more then the best thing for both parties would be to walk away.

      It's hard I know especially if you love the person however sometimes it has to be done. You never know maybe being the person that says you have had enough and want out, may prompt her to open up, failing that she may admit that it is what she wants.

      I hope you get everything sorted Jay.
    4. MrX

      MrX New Chatter

      Hi Jnugget,

      I think you need to talk to your partner, and I think you should do it somewhere neutral like a cafe or something. Most relationships breakdown purely through lack of communication and interaction.

      You need to ask your partner what she wants out of your relationship, this is important, you must let her talk freely without interruption, no matter how much you may disagree with what you may here.

      Then, when she has had her say, you have yours, tell her what you want out of your relationship. Now this is where if she interrupts you, let her speak, and you must listen (remember you called the meeting).

      If after the meeting you have found out you both want the same thing all well and good and you can then start to work on making things happen by regularly talking about both of your desires.

      If after the meeting you did not here what you wanted to, you must be prepared to walk away, head held high and knowing that you tried, simply move on, lifes too short.
    5. HealthVitality

      HealthVitality New Chatter

      I hear you. You need to get your partner to sit down and have a serious talk. Take her out for a meal if she likes that kind of thing, or to a theme park, whatever it is that you know that she likes, then pause those questions that are bothering you and ask for honest answers, if she is seeing someone else, you will get the avoidance signals, if it's something that has do with you personally, you will get vague answers, ask her direct questions and watch for the body language, it speaks volumes, am a woman, I know. There's no point of being in a relationship that is going nowhere, so save yourself the heartache and get down to the nitty gritty. If it's a medical issue on her part, if you love her that much, you will try to understand why she is behaving that way, it's give and take when it comes to relationships, all the best.