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    Afghanistan: Obama orders withdrawal of 33,000 troops

    Shortie861 Jun 23, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Source: BBC News

      What are your thoughts on this? Do you feel this is a move in the right direction or do you feel that there is alot more to be done yet?
    2. moonpeach

      moonpeach New Chatter

      I reckon this is a good thing, finally it has been decieded to pull troops out , but i dont think you should bring them all out at the same time , it will leave their country in a state which it wouldent know what to do therefor the taliban will just takeover again so we need to make sure that the taliban are under control and the country knows how to control it's self
    3. ilovetech

      ilovetech New Chatter

      You see in the papers soldiers that have been killed almost daily.
      Having said this you can't fight a war for over a decade and leave without a result.
      The war needs to be a success and they should stay until peace has been made.
    4. Sky9Media

      Sky9Media New Chatter

      I agree with troops getting withdrawn. The thing that aggravates me on this whole matter is the fact that we've been there for SO long now. That's what creates this whole mess. We go in to cease nuclear warheads. We find no nuclear warheads, and we stay in the country. The problem is, the longer you stay in a country and cease it, the more the citizens of that country get pi**ed off. They say they stayed to make sure no more terrorist acts were going to happen. Do they think staying there for so long is going to help that matter in the least bit? It's just going to make it worse.
    5. shopy99

      shopy99 New Chatter

      obama is withdrawing them, not because it's the wright thing to do or the wrong one, it's doing this because USA does not posses the founds to keep this war going, the oil is running out, USA is in a financial crisis.