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    Afzal Amin - Edl - Racial Tension - In New Chakakhan Video ( Link Provided)

    madone Mar 22, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      Afzal Amin - EDL - racial tension - in NEW Chakakhan video ( link provided) 22.03.15

      you do look buff
      as if butter would not melt
      do i like the sneaky and snidely stuff
      only if the result does loosen my belt.
      but you have fallen
      off your perch and then suddenly
      the intense media around "Afzal" has swollen
      its all to do with a seat in north Dudley.
      encouraging racial tension indirectly
      let me explain the edit
      the "EDL"march was political and done correctly
      but mr "Amin" would step in and cancel there for take credit.
      in mr Afzal defence
      a total fabrication
      with the BBC still sitting on the fence
      in returning there call has been some cancellation.
      trying to ease the tension
      57 hours of talk is available
      between town and city's he wants "cohesion"
      you have to admit "impressive" is mr Amin" label.
      going by facts which don't lack
      maybe not as well known as the "Queen of Funk" "Chakakhan"
      please note mr "Amin" has served in the army in "Iraqi"
      in all totalling 11 years adding to all the problems in "Afghanistan".

      ( i have gone a bit all over the place with this poem on todays news. please accecpt my humble apoligy. do you want to see what is causing all the fuss ? then watch this video. the only thing left to say is ? i better not !!!!! or you can help rid mr Amin and sign my petition here https://www.change.org/p/afzal-amin-...t_created=true ).

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