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    Another Bottle of wine Song

    GuyS Jan 26, 2012

    1. GuyS

      GuyS New Chatter

      Jan 26, 2012
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      I love the girl I'm with, I'm 49 and only been with 2 girls in my life, I am a committed person. I'm one of the most faithful people I know of, I do anything for Karen, my true soul mate, other people seem to thinks it's normal for people to look at the opposite sex, not me, Looking is lusting in my book, I'm not your average male, I frown on men who cheat, stare, talk about other women if their in a relationship, I'm the first person to speak up and say to a male" aren't you married or with some one", then why are you looking, you must not really be satisfied.
      Cause I am, and I could never disrespect my girl that way, I'm Loyal and satisfied.
      So, when I met Karen, it inspired me to write a song for her, I was seperated from my wife, getting a divorce, so this wasn't cheating when I met Karen. I wrote this song about my experience and my new found love:
      (Song is copyrighted) **Please don't steal**
      "Another Bottle of Wine" -for Karen567

      My other Original copy/righted song
      when I met Karen, the words seem to just flow. and writing songs is a lot about life experience's:

      It was a casual conversation
      in a casual kind of place
      she was just another passing fascination
      but I must say she had an interesting face

      She was a small town girl looking lonesome
      I was just another boy in a band
      small town girls lord knows I've known some
      I wasn't looking for a one night stand, so I said

      hand me down another bottle of wine, Maria
      let us have another hour of time
      I'll go on home when I can stand to be alone
      here and now we're doing just fine
      please bring us some wine

      She said she had a man in the service
      I said, I got a woman back home
      she said your looking kinda nervous
      I said, I'd really rather be giong

      she said, well you can't help what your feeling
      then my friend neither can I
      Sometimes you can't reach the ceiling
      even when we're strecthing for the sky, so I said


      well I can't guess what your thinking
      then my friend neither can I
      if you think that what I'd been drinking
      made me wanna take the girl home

      sometimes it's something she says that's worth keeping
      sometimes it's something you see in her smile
      let's me go home, spend the night thinking
      maybe she's all I'll ever need for a while

      sometimes I pay the bill in the morning
      for the place I spent the night
      for deep in my heart it lays without warning
      still deep in my Heart I know it wasn't right, still I say


      Karen loves this song. And for the record, I was separated when I met Karen, so it wasn't cheating. I feel in love!!!!
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      That is a great song and alot of emotion put into it :) thanks for sharing this GuyS :)