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    Ariel Castro Is Sentenced

    APS Aug 1, 2013

    1. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member


      Never understand the US sentencing,Life without parole means the 1000 yrs are just words.
      HAL WARD likes this.
    2. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Only unless your name begins with O.J.
      I doubt he'll survive long in prison, they usually kill people like him, that's what happened to this freak cannibal, the two would have made good cell mates! Cost wise this was a good thing because long trials for nothing could cost a fortune, we already pay for enough of those daily. Texas just executed another 2 time murderer in the past 48 hours, it took 15 years of nothing but appeals and a waste of the taxpayers money. He killed one truck driver for cutting him off and in all likely hood the truck driver never saw him to begin with since he was on a motorcycle, then for no more than meanness he shot an innocent truck driver stopped to refuel someplace, he shouted out at the judge at his trial when he received his sentence, that he was the judge jury and executioner, a real sicko.

    3. Spice

      Spice Chat Addict

      Even hardened convicts don't like people like Ariel Castro so I agree with Hal that if he isn't locked in protective custody his life may very well end abruptly.
    4. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Dahmers sentence I can understand kill 15 get 15 life sentences otherwise you leave the families trying to guess which victim got him the life sentence.
    5. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      In this case those three women would have had to endure a long drawn out trial or circus with the media standing around just as they did in this last trial in Florida. For them the end was swift and probably best and allows them to move on with their lives. I wouldn't want to be that guy because he will surely get his rewards where he is going, that other perv got his head stuck in the toilet and drown, he was really a case for the books. Honestly when I was a child or young you never heard about these things happening because they would have never made it to the police station alive! old fashioned justice was served a very long time ago. Not so today, crime is big business in the USA, housing and feeding and caring for them is in the private sector and contracted per head, so where there's money to be made they're not to eager to make crime statistics less.
    6. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      Our justice system needs an overhaul, I say the second your are sentenced life to prison that should be it, the case closed and the man thrown behind bars that doesn't have a key hole.