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    Autism Assessment.

    TiggyDoolittle Dec 16, 2014

    1. TiggyDoolittle

      TiggyDoolittle Resident Weirdo

      Yesterday Alyssa went for her autism assessment.

      She was taken up to a room with 2 women where they chatted with her & played.

      She made good eye contact & chatted away so autism has been ruled out.

      However she was very aware of sounds & smells round about her.

      More aware than a "normal" child.

      There were workmen outside working on the water pipes, no one else could smell but to Alyssa it was really strong.

      Sudden loud noises or beeps will upset her & she will ask for days after what the noise was for & will it happen again.

      She hates hoovers and when the washing machine goes into spin cycle will make any excuse to go play in her room so she cant hear it.

      There is a fire station near where we live so we see the fire engines on a daily basis. Alyssa needs to know where they have been and if it was a fire who got burned. I usually tell her it was just a cat stuck up a tree.

      After new year she is being referred to another specialist to find the reason for her sensory issues.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Doesn't sound too nice at all for your daughter Tiggy :( I am so sorry to hear about this. I really hope you manage to find the answer to why she is like this when you see another specialist in the New Year hun.
    3. Maddie

      Maddie Quiet Chatter

      Yeah, I'm sorry for your daughter as well. It does sound like she doesn't have autism, so that is good. I hope the specialist finds out what it is.
    4. TiggyDoolittle

      TiggyDoolittle Resident Weirdo

      I have since received her report.

      Since I cant be bother typing out the whole waffle they sent I shall translate lol.

      Basically she shows signs of autism but because she makes eye contact they cannot diagnose autism.

      However they can say she is on the autism spectrum.

      So she has it but she hasn't.

      Kinda like I cant believe its not butter lol. She is butter but she's not