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    Big Brother 2015

    madone May 13, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      my first poem on BB 2015 - how do you describe the house mates 13.05.15
      ( you don't have to poem express but i would be grateful)

      welcome to my poetry analysis
      let me tell you and describe
      Chloe is 1st into the UK Dallas
      but coming from the gutter will she have pride.
      the next in was Kieran
      subtitles have to be translating
      not as bad as a loud siren
      but that grating voice will get irritating.
      Simon was 3rd in with fiz
      a successful man and competitive
      not to sure if he was hinting for showbiz
      it was only day 1 and it was much to repetitive.
      the forth to enter
      needs no shade as she feels glamorous
      Jade is not shy and is a model to the center
      most important fact is she is polyandrous.
      Joel is 19 and the 5th edition
      will he lye to cause a stench
      he is a aspiring politician
      so in the house he won't sit on the back bench.
      then to enter is Cristian
      i am sure at 20 there is more under the skin
      now i don't want to bring in humiliation
      but from a doctor to a rapper made me grin.
      the 7th in was a ukip supporter
      Harriet is 22 works in a greasy spoon
      will she feel she needs a migration transporter
      or has she got street talk to make confidence balloon.
      8th in was 23 year old Jack
      his reception was no disgrace
      he works in McDonald's with no confidence lack
      sipping his Tea wanting to be called pie-face.
      9th in was a double
      Amy and Sally are 27 from Manchester
      is this 2 times trouble
      or will they be as quiet and smooth as a brand new Ford Fiesta.
      10th in was Adjoa
      not easy to read like a cube
      she likes God, Rihanna and being a psycho blower
      ohhhhh and loves a boob.
      Nick was the 10th drop
      with manners that did cain
      but will his back talk flop
      or will he be successful as he looks like Andy Dufresne.
      Danny was the 12 admission
      at 29 he is competitive
      his work is in demolition
      but renting a hotel room for a night out is objective.
      will we bring in the law
      Sara is 13 to enter and confidence blooming
      she may well be clever but will she claw
      because i am sure trouble is looming.
      Aarron was 14th in
      24 and a gay model
      was in Vogue showing sin
      will we dislike or cuddle.
      the last one to enter was Eileen
      she seems as Strong as a tractor
      51 and on her dog very keen
      did i mention she has been on dumbfactor.
      all gathered for a twist
      Simon got the boot
      ch5 i really have to insist
      this series already deserves praise and a salute.
    2. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      a pure success of a fail ? 14.05.15

      you have done it
      pulled it out of the bag
      loved every single bit
      just need to match face with name tag.
      the selection is fantastic
      my stomach is not yellow
      at present no one is plastic
      this series will be deep and not shallow.
      the bedroom was a dilemma
      there was no thought sharing
      at night there will be a tremor
      on night one who was BB scaring.
      sexual tension is a real goer
      but most of the HM are young and horny
      a sexual Freeek is Adjoa
      is this creepy, nice, subtle or corny.
      Jack is going to be a classic
      his facial expressions are not blank
      Joel is also fantastic
      and as you no i have renamed Nick as "shawshank".
      no bad words or venom
      day 1 review is all gold
      this review sounds better then my Denom
      thanks for a pure successful night with not 1 fold.
    3. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      jacks no BMW and nicks no nerves of steal 16.05.15

      from tonight's bombshell
      the glass did shatter
      but the 2 irruptions were swell
      even if the nerves did not flatter.
      the 1st was jack
      could BB lead him up the garden
      he's a good boy with a bone in the back
      his position on day 2 did now harden.
      let me now switch
      nick i wan't to dissect
      his manners and gentle way are so rich
      on face to face his hands shaking were my connect.
      2 great persona's
      these guys are so different but the same
      if i could email ch5 on BB owners
      ingredients are there for it being the best ever game.
      both jack and nick have dignity
      they are not the usual reality tv contender
      when its time to suffer i will have humanity
      but for a good time we don't need a bartender.
      keep your BMW bribe trick
      jack has proved his genuine loyalty
      as for the difficult decision for nick
      on day 2 both are my BB royalty.
      thank you ch5 and big brother
      this is now a show with credit
      its better then a night with my lover
      and i am so grateful for the shows improvement edit.

      ( if i could email ch5 i would simply say - this show is fantastic and a massive improvement and please keep it going. i just wondered does anyone else warm to nick and jack as i have ? )
    4. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      is there any beautiful people in BB 2015 ? 17.05.15

      happening is the bond
      it really is colourful
      i am growing really fond
      this BB has started so delightful.
      even with Kieran
      who set off the noise alarm
      ok i do wish he could turn down his siren
      but my faith is he means no harm.
      jack is a star
      so young and naive
      i was so enjoying the trick about the car
      he was truly gutted in believing staying means he won't receive.
      really adore harriet
      to her i don't have a hunch
      ok she is as loud as jack and that carrot
      but i no to harriet there will be more crunch.
      he may have glamour
      but is there a brain in danny
      to crack his shell bb won't need a hammer
      when he leaves hopefully his goal in life won't be fanny.
      don't no about the twins
      have not got a clue
      opening up will mean the first double act wins
      but we need to dissect and chew.
      thank you big brother
      the house is not controlled by disgust
      you will ensure every viewer is a lover
      and this bb won't rust.
      sunday night is calling
      a few more hours
      i am under your spell and falling
      big brother to me is the highest of powers.

      ( if you fail to understand my poetry i will let chris sing it to you about the people in the house - the question is - will i live to regret saying this ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2oRqyn7ToQ ps is anyone else looking forward to sundays 17 may show ? is bb calling anyone else ? )
    5. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Aug 12, 2011
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      Sorry...total disinterest in Big Brother.
    6. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      what a lovely hidden task
      my experience it did enhance
      eileen was acting from behind a mask
      i loved her celebration dance.
      does she deserve a BAFTA
      or was the party satisfactory
      so enjoyable was the laughter
      more effective then the gas made in a underground laboratory.
      big brother i have to applaud
      this intervention was necessary
      it was pure gold eileen's reward
      the house mates and house were dancing on ecstasy.
      laying in bed on monday morning
      headline review by eamonn holmes
      now i am going to start yawning
      i beg BB not to focus on bed action and groans.
      don't make this sexual
      not all fans are perverted and horny
      this series started fantastic and that's factual
      so please don't make it about a romp that's corny.

      ( do you want a bit of Dexy ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8ORHVdTxbg or if you want a bit of Eamonn its 132 on freeview most mornings. if i could ask Eamonn for anything ? i would ask him for a shout out to the apple of my eye - royal gala - you no who you are miss ? those were the days. and if i could advice ch5 and BB i would beg for them not to turn the show seedy. if i could ask the reader anything ? i would ask for a poem reply ? and if royal gala reads this - i send a big hug.)
    7. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      adjoa - eileen - sarah - could poetry decide ? 19.05.15

      thanks for face to face
      now we are getting personal
      i can not work out why jack covered the trace
      his generosity is stupid or phenomenal.
      swapping christian was a error
      it has clearly shows jacks venerability
      on the 1st eviction how could jack have terror
      him being so gullible makes a delightful liability.
      eileen has to stay
      we need to support her like arsenal and the gunners
      at night she wants to sleep and no play
      we need more early hour music from Dexter and the midnight runners.
      to go has to be a lady
      its sarah or ajoa
      who is real shady
      are either of them a grower.
      i detest a romance
      so sarah is in the line of fire
      but has ajoa got any enhance
      or is puss-A her only life desire.
      i am not bothered
      early days means my gel is not intense
      over ajoa or sarah immunity is not hoovered
      i don't care who goes over the fence.