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    Bit Of A Story I Started

    jnugget Feb 4, 2013

    1. jnugget

      jnugget Regular Chatter

      Aug 27, 2012
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      I woke up today not know who the hell i was, but the worst part is i have no memory at all... No past no friends no family, notthing. Wierd morning though, as i was walking through the streets of london this morning, i swore i was being followed... “was i being followed?”

      As i quickley rushed into an ally to avoice these 2 strangers, on tall with dark hair slim but built like he could take care of himself, the other was a short woman slim long blonde hair dark eyes very good looking i would never forget that face. Well anyway im now in the ally and they have lost me, I lean against the wall and sigh with releif,
      “you there, what are you doing in this ally?”

      “I’m sorry mister, do i know you?” i replied confused,

      “Yes you do know me, since you used to date my sister” said the stranger

      “I have no memory... what is my name? Who are you?” desperately asking

      “your not joking are you? You really dont know who you are do you? Come on lets get you out of here” he said

      So as we walked back to his appartment on the other side of london, he was asking about the last things that i could remember, but i truely could not remember anything, although everytime i close my eyes i can see someone pointing a gun at me saying “your nothing but a failed experiment”

      Who is this person that called me a failure? I must know but do i want to know? Will it get me dead? But one thing is for sure, I am by no means safe...

      I decided it was time to find out who i was and why those people were following me, so i went to ask the man who took me back to his place, “so who am I?”

      “You wanna know who you are? Well you are a failed experiment created by the government and must be silenced” At that moment i realised he was the one who pulled the gun on me, before i could think i attack the guy, breaking his nose sending him crashing to the floor there and then but i didnt stop at that moment i snapped his neck... “why did i kill him? What am i?” In my own horror as i was looking down at him i was thinking was i asctualy a failed experiment created by the government?

      At that moment the door flew open! I There must of been like 4 agents of some sort, all with guns! My first instinct was to get out of there as soon as i could , so without thinking i dived through the window and fell 3 stories to the ground, somehow i managed to get up and run. Dont ask me how but something in me clicked and i ran...

      I finaly stopped running when i reached a café on the motorway, I needed a drink so bad so i ordered some and sat down to catch my breath and think of what to do next?? I knew i had to leave the country but how could i do that with no passport and not enough money to get a ticket? But that was the least of my worries I just saw my photograph on the T.V “EXTREMELY ARMED AND DANGEROUS “ it said I i must keep going the police will soon catch up to me, i must stay of the grid

      I found an empty house in the middle of nowhere, i needed a place to stay out of sight, so naturaly i broke a windown and climbed though. There was no sign on anyone living here for years so if i keep it the way it has been all these years and not draw attention i should be safe. There was an old arm chair in the lounge, it was worn with age but my god was it comfy, and as i sat there i drifted of to sleep.

      Suddenly i was dreaming, I had a gun in my hand standing over two bodies, a man and a woman.. Who are they? If this why people are trying to kill me? Why did i kill them? I turned the woman over only to see her face covered in blood. But something was familiar about her. It was the woman that guy told me i used to date, his sister! Things are now starting to make sence. That is why he pulled a gun on me before. Is this why i was a failed experiment? What went wrong with me? I must find out why i killed these people. But where do i start? People are trying to kill me and i have no idea why or how to stop them. The only thing that is clear to me is starting alive no matter what.

      When i woke i remembered a name, the name of my superior when i was in the Air Force, Mike Dolton. Maybe he could help me but how would i get to him? I wonder if he still lives in London I suppose theres only one way to fiind out right?

      I got to this big house where im sure Mike lived. As i walked up the drive way two guard dogs came out of nowhere and tackled me to the ground, before i knew it they had me pinned down and i couldnt do anything about it, as the more i fought with them the more they bite harder, i was already bleeding from there attack. Suddendly there was a voice.

      “Adam?” asked the voice

      “what?” i thought confused “is that my name”

      He called of the dogs , pulled me from the ground of his drive way, “Whats happened to you man?” asked the guy

      “Mike is that you? You have to help me there are people trying to kill me calling me a failed experiment” i replied in a scared voice

      “Yea man its Mike, calm down no one will get you here, i’m going to do whatever it takes to help you, no matter what” Shouted Mike.

      Just as he finished saying hes going to help me I drifted into a deep sleep due to my blood loss from the dogs.
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