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    Black Ops 2 News

    Reverse-gfx Apr 7, 2012

    1. Reverse-gfx

      Reverse-gfx New Chatter

      The game will launch on November 6, featuring a brand new mode called Escort and containing a new perks system and a fully integrated Elite mode, according to information posted on both the Activision and Black Ops forums.

      Gaming Review: Call Of Duty: Black Ops
      Call Of Duty Black Ops Zombie Mode

      The information has since been removed, but its cache remains available to view online, reports CVG.

      Though not officially announced, this year's Call of Duty release is widely expected to come in the form of a sequel to 2010 Treyarch release Black Ops.

      Earlier this year, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 briefly appeared on Amazon's French site. Activision claims that the next release will contain "meaningful innovations".

      Earlier this year, Call of Duty: Black Ops' conclusion was was voted the greatest game ending of all time by Guinness World Records readers.

      > Read our Call of Duty: Black Ops review

      The list of Black Ops 2 information in full:

      Leaked Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Information

      This year, Call of Duty will return with its ninth instalment with Black Ops 2. As expected it will be following Treyarch's previous game Black Ops. It's release date is set for the November 6.

      Game Modes

      Escort, a new game mode similar to Search and Destroy however a live player must be escorted to one of three areas (or two depending on the map) without being killed. The match will have rounds, consisting of one life only.
      Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will return
      Team Defender and Infected will not return


      Will follow from Modern Warfare 3's system
      Larger emphasis on objectives
      A bomb plant is worth 2 points
      A neutral flag is worth 1, however an enemy flag is worth 2
      Flag assist capture is worth 1, a capture is worth 2
      The Specialist Pointstreak has be modified. 2 kills now gets you 1 perk. The 4th kill gets you 2 more perks. The 6th kill gets you 3 more perks. The 8th Kill gets you 4 more perks. You do not get every perk when you reach 8 kills. Perks only become "Pro" when you have them Pro
      RC XD will not return
      Heat vision is a new Pointstreak reward. When you get the required points, you can activate this Pointstreak and your player pulls out a scope and attaches it to your weapon. This scopes main advantage is its ability to detect enemies through most walls. Note, the scope can only be attached to primaries not including shotguns
      Item Packages requires 5 points. Fall alongside care packages and air drop traps. Features a list of package items only including ammo, mini gun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and body armour


      There will be 15 prestiges
      There will be 50 ranks
      Every two prestiges there is a 5 rank increase
      The final prestige has 90 levels

      ELITE 2.0

      ELITE is being fully incorporated into Black Ops 2
      Combat record has been modified and re-named as ELITE Stats
      There will be a specific lobby for clan matches (new way of levelling clans)
      Clan Tournaments can now be implemented


      No MOAB or Nuke
      No last stand
      No death streaks
      No flame thrower attachment

      Map Design

      Map design and size will be following Black Ops not Modern Warfare 3

      Sniper Rifles

      Improved sniper rifle usage.
      No aim assist for any sniper rifle.
      Less sway


      No longer just perk 1 chooses the players appearance
      Appearance is a combination of all perks and type of Pointstreak being used.


      Larger emphasis on hardcore than ever before
      No grenade launchers
      Only vehicle guided rocket launchers permitted
      Respawn timings decreased (for most modes)
      1 bullet in the foot will no longer kill a person, a head or chest shot is usually required.
      A person will now bleed out if severely injured.

      Perk System 2.0

      The Perk Pro system has been upgraded
      There is now 2 options a perk can advance to.
      Both require different challenges to unlock
      Once the desired Pro version is unlocked, the player can select that as their "Perk Pro".
      Once selected, the only way to choose the other option is by entering prestige mode.
      For example Perk slot 1 has the perk called Speed
      Speed - Reduces the time taken to aim down the sight. Pro imilar to the behaviour seen in the MW3 Spec Ops survival
    2. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      The post is empty. Anyway, from what I heard, Black Ops 2 will have multiplayer maps similar to BO and not MW3.
    3. forumhookers

      forumhookers New Chatter

      So its the only news about BO! Why this post is empty?
    4. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      I've seen an ad to news for Black Ops 2 on Steam but I never clicked it, but I know it's coming.
      I've played Black Ops for PS3 and it was fun. I hope for multiplayer gameplay, they bring back the small "playground" map.
    5. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Nuketown was really fun to play! High expectations from BO2! ;)
      Shortie861 likes this.
    6. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      Yeah, that's the name of the map. It's small and the perfect map to kill people with a shotgun (the weapon I'm best at with Black Ops for the PS3).
    7. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      It certainly does become a fast paced game on Nuketown :) I love it when they do Nuketown 24/7 on a double XP weekend. That is fun :)
    8. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      Yeah. You can get a lot of kills easily if you have the right weapon (even short range that does good damage will do)
    9. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Black Ops is almost dead now on PC. very less servers and the amount of players has also decreased. I really hope BO2 has dedicated servers! :)
    10. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      Me too. On Steam I see MW3 players that I've added, played Black Ops singleplayer & multiplayer every once in a while (not as much as MW3, of course).
      I'm expecting everyone from MW3 to move over to BO2 in the early stages for multiplayer since there will be no hacks available, :)
    11. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Ofcourse. Anyways, how is MW3 going so far for you, Marc? Have you started the prestige yet?
    12. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      Check out one of the videos of my gameplay in my vault and you'll see.
    13. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Well, it certainly looks like you have improved quite a lot! :) Are you going to buy Black Ops 2 on PC ? :)
    14. Marc

      Marc Crazy Dave FTW!

      Did you really look at one of my videos? (answer carefully cause I'll ask questions, haha)
      Anyway, yes - I'm going to buy Black Ops 2 ( I told you this on Steam already o_O )