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    Britain To Take 20,000 Refugees

    Shortie861 Sep 7, 2015

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      It has been confirmed by David Cameron that Britain will take 20,000 refugees from camps bordering Syria by 2020.

      Source: Sky News
    2. Mozzie

      Mozzie Regular Chatter

      We have a heap here locked up waiting to be processed and Australia are talking about more, what about those in detention that have been here for ages, when will they have their case heard, we can bring more in as well , this government here are idiots.
    3. identityissues8

      identityissues8 Shy Chatter

      Mozzie, dude. I know you know our government doesn't care. :)
      They'll keep those people locked up and instead of increasing our intake in wake of this emergency, they're only pretending to offer any new spots.

    4. jnugget

      jnugget Regular Chatter

      im not saying this to be racist or anything but the war with islamic state etc and taking 20,000 refugees from syria how do we know we arnt taking in some of the islamic states own people posing as refugees
      Shortie861 likes this.
    5. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I agree, for all we know they could be and we could be letting people in that are a potential threat to our Country.
      jnugget likes this.
    6. KyngzIndeyen

      KyngzIndeyen Getting There

      Unforunately, I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of these 20,000 refugees did turn out to be ISIS fighters posing as migrants :( . However, let's not underestimate the scale of the humanitarian disaster here: approximately half of all Syrians have lost their homes; 4.1 million people have left Syria (some for Europe, but mostly for neighbouring countries such as Jordan); and the homeless people who are still in Syria wish they could leave, but can't afford to do so.

      Yes, we do need to be careful to prevent ISIS fighters from getting in alongside the asylum seekers if we can avoid it. But, if we're using the fear of them as an excuse to deny help to thousands of people who desperately need it....then, honestly, I think we've gone too far the other way.

      (Also, don't be fooled by fake photographs claiming to show ISIS fighters among the migrants, such as this one)
      Last edited: Sep 20, 2015
      jnugget likes this.
    7. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      If just 1% have extremist tendencies that is 200 potential terrorists. And lets get real, out of 4+million, 20 thousand is just a drop in the ocean.
      There is not room in Europe for them all - not so much just the space but the infrastructure . The only real solution must be to sort out the problem there, in the Middle East, however hard that may be.
    8. KyngzIndeyen

      KyngzIndeyen Getting There

      Well, if anyone has any good ideas on how to bring lasting peace and stability to the Middle East, I'm happy to hear them! Unfortunately, everything we've tried so far just seems to have made things even worse than they had been previously. Until we can find something that actually works, I'm afraid we'll have to make do with temporary solutions like re-settling refugees.

      But, yes - I agree that Europe alone probably doesn't have the resources to provide humanitarian assistance to everyone who needs it. If Europe (and Australia) have a responsibility to take on a share of these asylum seekers, then so do other nations which can afford to do so. This would include the high-income Gulf states, such as Saudi Arabia - and yet, so far, they haven't offered to take in anybody. (Of course, if we ourselves don't take anyone in, then we can't really judge them for not doing so either)