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    Call Of Duty: Campaign or Online first

    Shortie861 Jul 20, 2011


    Call Of Duty: Do you usually play online or campaign first

    1. Online Multiplayer

      0 vote(s)
    2. Campaign

      1 vote(s)
    3. It Varies

      1 vote(s)
    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      So, when a new Call Of Duty game is released are you the kind of person to play the campaign first and complete that on say normal difficulty or will you go straight online?

      I myself have varied with each game. With COD Modern Warfare (MW) I played the campaign before I went online and I also did the same with COD World At War (WAW) and COD Modern Warfare 2 (MW2) however with Black Ops I chose the route of online first and then played the campaign.

      Do you feel that playing campaign first can give you a better insight into the online game play?
    2. Choloboy

      Choloboy New Chatter

      I always play the campaign 1st, I can care less about being the 1st person to have the highest rank when a game is 1st released lol

      I always find the campaigns to be better then Multi TBH.
    3. Rondo

      Rondo Chat Addict

      I always do online first and then 2 months later I will do campaign. I think the first few months when a Cod comes out is the best time to play because everyone is a noob and if there are any fun glitches, you can do them before they get patched.
    4. shopy99

      shopy99 New Chatter

      i play the campain first, i want to get acquainted with the weapons , gameplay, charactes, and i love the campain missions. When i play online it's a different story.