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    Caught In Between The Two

    Christavia Jun 1, 2016

    1. Christavia

      Christavia New Chatter

      May 31, 2016
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      I am in a little dilemma right now. There are two guys that I like, the first I am in love with and the other I am growing to love. The one I am in love with loves me but also loves someone else who is in another country, they have been separated for almost a year but both are holding on. He doesn't want to give up on the relationship because they have been through a lot together but I am sure he will not be waiting 5 years, yet I am uncertain of how long he will wait. Guy number 2 is single and we seem to have everything in common. He is single and is interested in commitment but I've only known him for 2 weeks. The first guy and I have been involved for 2 months and everything with him is good except that he is living with his parents and that girl in the States have a hold on him. He's just 25 yrs so he might not even be willing to leave his nest anytime soon. Guy number two lives on his own,he's 28 yrs and is working on his house. He also operates a small business and is in a good job as well. I think I'll love him easily because of his personality traits and the fact that we have so much in common. Who would you choose and why?
      Help needed...