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    Caughtdrunk.co.uk - Disgraceful Website Even If I Do Work For Them !

    madone Apr 11, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      caughtdrunk.co.uk - disgraceful website even if i do work for them ! 11.04.15

      gone is every ones dignity
      this is no shame boil or cook
      being proud is now the work out humidity
      every detail is now published on "bitter" and "disgracebook".
      forget about your example
      the smell of regret is no funk
      your past is proud and satisfaction ample
      life is all about getting drunk.
      do you remember the night club
      and that pretty shop door with bright stickers
      i really did like the china rub
      that's where you lost your knickers!
      its all on video
      my camera was rolling
      i will take off your voice and leave no innuendo
      the capability allows up and down scrolling.
      i can not stop
      its 2am and on with the game
      at £50 a photo its no flop
      because out now is drunk and in the frame.

      ( this was a debate on fridays show on the best morning news debate show. wrightstuff ch5 915am. what i wan to no is can we ever change the minds of young people who go out and get drunk and end up on this website ? i am not discriminating against older people who are on this site, as the fact they are, proves they do not no any better and have some how got lost. so if you have a few secs tell me can we change the minds of young people https://www.change.org/p/young-people-who-go-out-and-get-drunk-show-some-decorum?just_created=true )

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