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    Dam You Hampstead Heath - Step In Billeboy

    madone Apr 21, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      bill oddie.jpg 21.04.15

      behind me is no woodland that's dense
      not a view that's green
      stacked in piles is the fence
      OMG does it change the seen.
      in the middle is a roller
      along with a tractor
      a pile of earth but not from a moll er
      imminent work is the factor.
      the ducks are quacking
      people are sunbathing behind
      it seems on the heath nothing is lacking
      will we need a button to rewind.
      the pond water is wavy
      but no where near over spill
      to the flood drama i will add no gravy
      and like the ducks i will just chill.
      you are going to spend millions
      for work that will turn out to be shoddy
      the ponds are already rich and full of vitamins
      i agree with one man "Bill Oddie".
      my 10 cents is on the table
      can i double what i take
      preventing floods these "dams" wont be able
      its a pointless exercise for gods sake.
      never have i seen a flood
      this is no Enoch Powell irritation
      our beautiful hampstead heath is "the Rivers of blood"
      because any work is a unwanted immigration.