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    David <3

    Rachel Jul 30, 2012

    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      David...hes this amazing guy ive been talking to. Hes been nothing but awesome to me. He lives an hr away ive known him bout 6ish months give or take and ive met him in person once. Were constantly texting talking on the phone or on fb together. Hes been working extra hrs just to save a bit of extra money to get me out to him for a week over my birthday at the end of next month. I am so excited for it. The other day we got to talking bout us possibly getting together sometimes soon. We both dont want to dating right now cuz with him always working and me not having a job we dont have the time to see each other. Hes hinting at me wanting to live with him without saying it...idk if i should cuz me and his roomie dont get along what so ever, but i am willing to try and be civil for Davids sake. I just never stop thinking bout David...no matter what i do hes always there in the back of my mind...hes everything i could ever ask for and i dont want anyone else...
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Sounds like you got a great guy there Rachel :)

      Living with him sounds great but maybe see if you can make things work with his friend maybe before taking the plunge, is there anyway you can go and spend any time with him where he lives and see if you and his friend can get on a bit better?

      Glad to hear things are going great for you :)
    3. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      im trying to work on the issues with his friend right now actually. theres a whole long story behind it but im trying to give forth the effort and be civil with him because i like david more then anything and his friend his like his brother so i want to be civil for his sake