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    David Cameron Blames Leave Vote On Immigration Concerns

    Shortie861 Jun 29, 2016

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      David Cameron has told EU leaders he lost the Brexit referendum because so many voters believed there was no control over immigration from Europe.

      Speaking to leaders at an EU dinner in Brussels, the outgoing PM warned leaders they could not "shy away" from the issue.

      Failure to tackle immigration could scupper any chance of a UK-EU trade deal when a new prime minister takes over in September.

      Mr Cameron was speaking after Germany's Angela Merkel warned the UK must accept free movement if it wants to retain single market access.

      She assured her parliament she would not allow the UK to "cherry-pick" favoured elements of the EU package.

      Source: Sky News

      What do you think? Do you believe that immigration may have played a big role in the vote leave result?
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Jun 24, 2011
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      Yes I believe it did play a major role in the vote.
      Having said that it was not the only reason an exit vote won.
      A lot of the youngsters blame the result on the elderly but if they had bothered to go and vote instead of relying on others the result may well have been different.
    3. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Aug 12, 2011
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      Immigration is a big issue. For instance the village where I live is due to become 25% larger by having a new housing estate plonked on it, despite the objections of almost all the existing population.

      While we may wish to limit new immigration to maybe less than the 100,000 level which is Conservative policy, there is no place in a civilised community for the acts of racism that have been reported over the last few days.
      It is a fact that there are already large numbers of people from many foreign cultures already living here and whether we like it or not, they are not all just simply going to go away.
      If we are going to have peace in our land then all people that live here must find the best way of living together.
      Last edited: Jun 29, 2016