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    Animals Dirty aquarium

    Nissapower Oct 10, 2011

    1. Nissapower

      Nissapower Shy Chatter

      I love the way the aquariums look at the pet store, they are always crystal clean. We have tried a few aquariums, usually just with goldfish, and I can't seem to achieve the same crystal clean look as the pet store. Each time I clean it, I wash the gravel, the plastic plants, the aquarium inside and out, change the filter regularly, don't overfeed the fish, etc., but it still seems like the aquarium only stays clean looking for a week or two. Does anyone have any suggestions? I really appreciate any help you can offer.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I have had exactly the same problem myself in the past, mine stayed clean for a week or just over and then went cloudy again and I tried everything the pet store told me to try and still nothing.

      I remember when we had a fish tank when I was younger it took my mum a while to find the right way to keep the water clear, she ended up trying several different fluids which you can add to the water to keep the weater clear aswell as having the filter running and eventually managed to get it just right.

      Have you tried asking about anything that can be added to the water to help keep the water clear?
    3. roxfan003

      roxfan003 Shy Chatter

      There's a couple water conditioners you can buy that usually help at least a little bit. We have hard water at our house so when we had fish we always bought stress coat from the pet store.
    4. Crash-Cheetah

      Crash-Cheetah New Chatter

      My Tank is always crystal clear. Try these steps and tricks:

      Once your fish is in the tank NEVER take them out unless they are dead. This is the #1 Mistake done by fish keepers. Use a gravel vacuum that won't suck up any fish and only vacuum the gravel once a week only removing 10% of the water. Use Tetra Easy balance 2 days after water change.

      Only feed your fish high quality fish foods such as Omega one. In fact, Omega one is the best to use. Don't over feed or over stock your tank.

      Look for a Good Filter. Those little "Carbon" ones are not high quality. Look for one like Aquaclear. It uses Carbon, ammonia remover, Bio Crystals, and foam. Trust me, this gets the tank crystal clear above all else. If your filter cost under $20 than chances are it's not good. If it only has a Carbon replacement or "Pre-made" than trust me, your setting your tank up to fail.
    5. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Me too, I like pet shops and aquariums.
    6. planephanatic

      planephanatic New Chatter

      I have a nano-reef aquarium and there are a few tricks. To start off, you're going to want to make sure that your'e making around weekly water changes. You're also going to want to keep the filter clean, and all of the chemicals at the right levels (PH, Nitrates, etc.)