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    Do The Local Motion With Me And Welcome Back Kylie

    madone Mar 26, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      do the local motion with me and welcome back Kylie 26.03.15
      ( 2 video's provided including Kylie drunk and angry and doing the local motion)

      i have missed you Kylie
      so this is my gift
      at the end is one of those smiley's
      and i hope you it does lift.
      on you i won't try to crack
      i am a old grandpa
      so no to a Rosanund Street and me in a rain ma ck
      i won't say get out of my dreams and into my car.
      i have missed your humour
      and that look of butter
      can i start a milieus rumour
      i love a lady from the gutter.
      the way you shout
      you really do holla
      on my back hairs sprout
      i go hot under my collar.
      please accept this as fan mail
      don't be angry or livid
      i am so looking forward to you and Gail
      and getting stuck like a lemon will be David.
      coronation street has hunger
      Paula Lane gets my love and devotion
      how i wish i was younger
      because with Kylie i really would do the local motion.

      (this is a video clip of my lady doing the local motion ( this is not for the faint heart ed !!!!!!!!!! and this a one more video of my lady when she is angry and had a few and like i say - if i was not a old grandpa - i would invite Kylie for a night on the town for a wild night out as she can party and then i would propose to her with a poem making sure Eva is no where near because i am sure i have proposed to her in the past and 2 lady's from the best street in the world is pushing it even for someone like me. as for the other Kylie - well i would do the local motion with her any day of the week and drop the other, as i grew up with her her and she was my neighbour. i hope all 3 people are uplifted by my appreciation even if it is said not in the normal way. thank you Paula Lane and welcome back - Eva you are always in my dreams - Kylie - i am waiting for the phone to ring. as for the forum reader i am sure all comments on this great actress will be like mine - all positive. as per - i had to send my poem to the 3 it is about as of respect and the first one to reply gets first refusal - my choice. to help persuade Kylie please sign my petition here https://www.change.org/p/paula-lane-...t_created=true )