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    Do You Ever Want To Make A Song All By Yourself?

    Claraviolet Jul 12, 2016

    1. Claraviolet

      Claraviolet New Chatter

      Well, the question is pretty much self-explanatory. So, what is your answer guys? I, for one, would love to make a new song all by myself. Of course, I would go for some sort of vocaloid program and other stuff, for help but in the end, I like to try new things.

      Now, what about you guys? Do you feel the same?
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I remember when I was around 15 years old me and around 4 friends all attempted to create our own song and we did quite well in creating one but after a while just gave up and didn't bother to finish it. If I could create a song by myself that would be amazing and definitely an accomplishment.
    3. MamaFrankie

      MamaFrankie Quiet Chatter

      I have been composing songs since the age of 15 and finally got the chance to record one at the age of 28.
    4. KyngzIndeyen

      KyngzIndeyen Getting There

      Can't say I ever have. I'd be rubbish at it anyway :( .
    5. Maddie

      Maddie Quiet Chatter

      There are some days that I think it would be cool to write a song of my own but I could never come up with something half way decent so I never bother.
    6. Juice

      Juice New Chatter

      It'd be totally awesome to be able to write down my own little rap and release it on YouTube or something, but two problems with that. Firstly, I'm hardly an expert at writing raps :( Secondly, I can't rap sounding good :L