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    Do You Make Friends Better With Girls Or Guys?

    Warren Jul 21, 2013

    1. Warren

      Warren Quiet Chatter

      I tend to make friends better with Girls then I do guys.

      The reason for this is because when I was still in High School, I use to have this male friend, and we would always talk and have fun, but I had a short fuse when I was at High School mind you.

      I was just talking to him one day and out of the blue he intentionally punched me in the cheekbone, and I completely lost it, and shook it off, and I over heard him say "Oh s**t" and bolted, I chased after him and caught him in the Library and ignored the Librarian and went through the Security door, which sounded off the alarm and dragged him by his shirt all the way to the Courtyard and picked him up and gave him a Sidewalk Slam (If you're a Wrestling fan you'll understand what that means), and has I dropped him onto the grass, I ripped his shirt in the process.

      He never hit me again, since that day, and he was my friend since that day.

      But now he is an ex friend, and we have never spoken to each other since.

      Since then I said sorry but no thanks, I am going to be friends with Females only, because they are more friendlier and nicer then the blokes around, and the blokes always have mean and nasty things to say to you.

      This is why I prefer Females over blokes any day of the week. I have been like that since I was 13 Years Old and that is not going to change except I do not lose my cool anymore unless someone says something extremely awful about my mother.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I have a mixture of both male and female friends however I have found that as I have got older I tend to make friends better with guys and get on better with guys than I do girls. I put this down to the fact that I have interests in things such as gaming, computers so I get on with guys better but I also find that guys are better friends in some cases.

      I have a friend in the US who I am really good friends with who I met through gaming on Xbox Live, we have now been friends for over 5 years and he is a really great friend to me.
    3. Warren

      Warren Quiet Chatter

      That's great Nikki, I wish I could make friends with guys, although I only ever have like 2 guy friends in real life and the rest are females.
    4. jnugget

      jnugget Regular Chatter

      i tend to make friends more with females i dont know the reason why its weird i did have to male friend who was awesome untill i was diagnosed with bipolar
    5. robertson123

      robertson123 Regular Chatter

      I make friends better with males i found i dont get on with females very well they chat too much lol and i want to walk away quickly.As with men they seem to understand your problem more if you talk to a women it's like they are not on the same wave length if you catch my drift
    6. wendy

      wendy Quiet Chatter

      I get on with men and women alike, i suppose if i had to chose it would be women because i think they speak more freely than men especially in the begining x
    7. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      I suppose guys, don't really have any female friends.