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    Do you use Ubuntu?

    Beverly Oct 10, 2011

    1. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      Awhile back a friend of mine convinced me to install Ubuntu on my computer, so that now it's a dual boot computer. When the computer boots up i have to choose between Windows or Ubuntu. For awhile i was able to use Ubuntu. But unfortunately, that partition did not have enough memory so when i started downloading software and pictures on Ubuntu, i ran out of room. And, the operating system stopped working.

      Other than that, i really liked using Ubuntu and think i would actually install again if given the opportunity, especially since it's a free operating system that is comparable to Windows.

      What is your opinion of Ubuntu? Have you used it? What did you like/dislike about the program?
    2. benjaminp

      benjaminp Quiet Chatter

      I had ubuntu as dual boot for some time, but found myself rarely using it. Some of the programs I use daily are windows only and don't have a decent equivalent on linux, which meant I spent half my time on linux virtualizing windows..... Go figure ><

      I only dropped it recently though after installing win server 2008 on that partition.
    3. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      Well at least you were brave enough to give Ubuntu a try. Some people won't go near it for fear it will be too complicated and honestly it isn't.
    4. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I haven't ever tried Ubuntu myself however alot of people tell me it's a really great OS. I am tempted to use it see how it goes but I guess I could say that I am one of those people who is so used to Windows that I do worry if another OS would be a problems or complicated to use.
    5. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      Of course, there are some trade offs with using any kind of open source software, like Ubuntu.
    6. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I've got it in dual boot but don't boot into it very often :)
    7. Castle

      Castle Getting There

      I have never tried it. I have heard of it, but never gave it a shot.
    8. Sentry

      Sentry New Chatter

      I've got it on my laptop, as it's such a low specification laptop it won't take a decent version of Windows. Ubuntu is good if you're just browsing the internet every day, and going onto Facebook etc, but when it comes to everyday programs for me like Photoshop, Windows Live Messenger, thats when Ubuntu lets me down.