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    Dog Feces - Pink Or Stink Petition ? Is It Worthy ?

    madone Mar 23, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      dog feces - pink or stink petition ? 23.03.15

      something is new in the manner
      and it is continuous
      into the workings is now a spanner
      but i want to no is this outrageous.
      some say you can not fight fire with fire
      or add water to a flood
      is this proof they are a liar
      because i guess surrounding us all would be this smelly mud.
      quick, look please
      and don't even blink
      the smell will linger like cheese
      its coming from that acid pink.
      yes it is a big dollop
      equal is the highlighted spray
      the dog that done it is no trollop
      when you got to go its instant with no delay.
      i am not blaming
      on spraying feces whats your link
      how about in this digital age lets get framing
      because these "pink highlights" in me are causing a bigger stink.

      ( do you want to see a pink trollop ? you can here http://dog****agreatbritishobsession...o-pink-to.html. do you want to sign a petition ? you can here https://www.change.org/p/irresponsib...t_created=true or if you can write a better reply that rhymes, please speak now on this forum or hold it in and do not let it out. because if you do - i will pink spray it. )