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    E Book Readers

    Frog Jamas Jul 12, 2011

    1. Frog Jamas

      Frog Jamas Chat Addict

      I have a Kindle (the bigger one but not the newer version) from Amazon.com. I totally recommend it for reading, it's easy to hold and can store lots of books on it.

      Some people say they like holding a book in their hands but I'm used to the Kindle too, a couple times I caught myself reaching for the corner like I was going to turn the page.

      The bad part is you can't give a book away after you read it, also I don't recommend reading it if you're nodding off cuz you don't want to drop it!
    2. Ros

      Ros New Chatter

      I have the newer Kindle and I love it. I wasn't sure I would, because I love books, but you're right that is much easier to hold and to manage a library. I think my favorite part is being able to switch around books without carrying that many around.

      I do like holding books, and I still take them to the pool because I don't want the Kindle to be stolen, but I'm loving the Kindle.
    3. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I have heard so many people go on about the Kindle from amazon and so many have suggested it for reading but I have not yet tried one for myself. I can imagine it being hard to get used to when you first use it to read book but it must be so much easier.
    4. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I'm afraid I am one of those people who just cannot sit and read.
    5. moneymakingmom

      moneymakingmom New Chatter

      I use Kindle on my computer as I don't yet have a Kindle reader and don't think I will ever buy one. I loathe getting off my computer and a Kindle would just be reason for me not to be on my computer. Don't want to go in that direction. Too costly anyway.
    6. Rondo

      Rondo Chat Addict

      My cousins say that the Kindle is way better than reading an actual book. I usually just read normal books, but I sometimes read iBooks on the iPad. It hurts your eyes after a while, but iBooks is still really awesome.
    7. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I will stick to real books as I like to red in bed as it helps me sleep
    8. roxfan003

      roxfan003 Shy Chatter

      I use the Kindle app on my phone but don't have an actual Kindle. It is nice to be able to take your books everywhere you go, especially with the app on your phone since you are already carrying that around. I don't have a good selection of books on it though simply because I can't afford to buy any books.