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    Election Results 2015 - Pure Poetry

    madone May 8, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      election results 2015 - pure poetry 08.05.15

      it is a night to remember
      better then Glastonbury
      the traffic light is stuck on amber
      let me dissect the polling in a poem laboratory.
      very close between a couple
      for a few it was disastrous
      the final push was only just ample
      the SNP are sitting looking glorious.
      Nigel had votes so don't pan it
      being strong enough was no hand
      devastating news regarding South Thanet
      could this be the end of the one man band.
      it was very tight
      votes are still dripping
      now i am going to highlight a parasite
      the conservatives have just had a sunny side egg flipping.
      so is the future a misery
      or is it one direction
      do you want my honest opinion and theory
      i feel like Nick Clegg and his results of his election.
      i want a reaction
      poetry must bleed
      what is your attraction
      is 2015 results a bad or good read.
    2. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I am actually really surprised at the outcome of the voting and who finally ended up pulling through the other side. From all the hype about Conservative being bad online it seems that not so many thought the same with this result.
    3. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Relieved that Labour didn't get in - would have meant economic disaster. But had hoped on another coalition to hold back Tory right wing dogmatic policies.
      Let's hope they don't end up privatising the very air we breath ....
    4. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      in 5 years time we can go again and the torys can not say anything and will have to accept responsibility if things go wrong.