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    Fake Girlfriend

    Shortie861 Oct 5, 2011

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Has anyone heard about this new service that has been released called Fake Girlfriend? Basically what you do is send a text to a number and within a certain amount of time you will get a text reply and a phone call with a pre recorded message to make it look like you are getting text messages and phone calls from your girlfriend.


      What are your thoughts and would you use it?
    2. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      lol, what a stupid idea, ridiculous, would never use it. It's almost for those who don't have a life. XD I suppose they provide fake bfs too?
    3. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I certainly wouldn't use it but I couldn't find any mention of cost.
    4. Nissapower

      Nissapower Shy Chatter

      This is a very stupid idea. I don't understand how people can come up with those absurb ideas. Seriously?
      When I read the description, the first thing that came to my mind was "that person who uses this must be really desperate for attention".
      Anyone thinks the same?
    5. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I most certainly think the same. I actually heard this on the radio today which was what brought me to post this, their idea's behind it where for men to use it to make girls jealous, personally the more a guy tries to do that the more a girl will push away.
    6. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      Nice idea for an aprils fools joke to play on my wife :)
    7. benjaminp

      benjaminp Quiet Chatter

      It'd probably be your last! :D

      While it sounds completely absurd, it does seem to have some legitimate uses and will probably get at least some interest. Most people have been in a situation they want to get out of for some reason or another. It's a lot easier to make your excuses and leave if you have a text to back you up I guess.

      "oh, I'd love the stay, but the Mrs needs me at home."
    8. zararina

      zararina Chat Addict

      I could agree that using such service to make a wife or a girlfriend jealous is not a good idea. What if your girl would not believe that this service do exist or you are just making the site as an excuse. It was like hitting your head a rock afterwards.
      Maybe a fake boyfriend/girlfriend could help us shooed away unwanted suitors or flirty girls around. LOL
    9. Castle

      Castle Getting There

      It is stupid, however, someone will make money off of it!
    10. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      That is true, it's one of those services that will be used by teen's that have seen it advertised and have a way to use it on friends or other halfs.
    11. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      That's what i was going to say too. LOL!

      When i'm jealous, i am not a nice person to be around.

      Last guy who dumped me out of the blue, was lucky to stay my friend. But everytime i saw him around, i kept wondering who he was really with and what he was doing. Arrggghhh!

      That makes me SO mad.

      Took me awhile to get over him emotionally. It's done now.

      Now, when he's around me, all i can think is, cool there's my friend. I don't see him romantically anymore.

      We're just really good friends.

      But when he gives me the cold shoulder and doesn't come around to see me or talk to me, i get to craving his company a lot. :p

      He thinks he's making it easy on himself by staying away, pushing me away emotionally. And, he's wrong. It actually makes me want him more and opens that door.
    12. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      It does get you annoyed when they do that especially with friends. What also annoys me is when a guy knows you like them and yet they will purposely try to make you jealous like it's a funny thing. This has happened to me before however nowadays I tend to rise above it now, I feel that if they know they are getting to me they will do it all the more if I rise above it they will get bored.
    13. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      This past week or so, i really made efforts to expand my list of friends and people i hang out with, so now when my best friend is not available that day, it's not such a crushing blow. Like i could wait for him all day and then when he's finally at home, he's not there for me and it feels like such a waste of time. So now i just try to stay busy in between times he wants to talk to me. I don't think he's trying to make me jealous. But he's just that way, not really looking for an intense 24/7 friendship bond. But the good news is, when he's talking to me, he's all there, giving me his full attention. So i think maybe i would prefer that and just keep myself occupied otherwise till then instead of chasing him around for attention.
    14. GAK

      GAK New Chatter

      This is so cheap. No offense to anyone that does this, but why would you? It's really deceiving and if you don't like a girl, just tell her. Don't fake your way out of it.
    15. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      I'll admit I could really use a girlfriend, but I would never stoop this low for a fake one.
    16. Beverly

      Beverly Getting There

      Maybe it's an ego thing. At least for guys who have the money for this kind of thing.