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    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      So I am sat here just catching up on a few things, the kids are playing quietly with a ball when the ball comes rolling past me slowly and I actually jumped and looked quick as I thought it was a huge spider running across my floor, crazy I know I guess it must have been how the ball was rolling and the fact I saw it from the corner of my eye and it looked just how a spider would look when running :lol: now I do feel silly :D

      Any how it gave me an idea for this thread, do you have any fears? If so what are they?

      I myself have a few fears and they are

      Spiders - When I see a spider no matter how big or small I will run as far as my body will let me and then stand and freeze, my palms go all sweaty and I feel all weird and numb and will shudder

      Flying - I have never flown in an aeroplane however the thought of it really frightens me and gives me a worrying feeling

      Heights - Being really high up such as a high building or even in a high ride I can't look down without feeling emotional, dizzy and sick.
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      I don't fear Spiders,Heights or Flying what I can't stand,and it's not really a fear,is waiting rooms :)
    3. Caedus

      Caedus New Chatter

      I'm clausterphoic so I am afraid of being in tight spaces. As well, I am afraid of heights. I don't mind being on a plane, but not on a latter high above the group.
    4. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I fear flying, hights, lifts and moving stairs
    5. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I know what you mean about waiting rooms, they are horrible places and even worse on hot days when there seems to be no air in there at all and you have quite a few people waiting, the ones that get me are the ones where it's quiet and there is probably two of you waiting and you have 1 person that constantly stares at you.
    6. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      I have fear of height :)
    7. artistry

      artistry New Chatter

      ...I don't fear them, but I hate creepy crawly things. I fear deep water, because although I know how to swim, I don't trust myself in deep water.
      I fear very scary movies, because I once watched one, by myself at night, and had a horrible nightmare. The movie had entered my sub-conscious. I fear falling on ice and not being able to get up. I think that covers it. Cheers.
    8. Cecil15

      Cecil15 I am Me...

      My fears would be the following:

      • Deep waters - because I have almost drowned twice
      • Heights - afraid that I might fall anytime
      • Failure - I guess none of us would want to fail, right?
      • Germs - I fear that they might harm my family, especially my kids
    9. zararina

      zararina Chat Addict

      I do not have fear on spiders or cockroach but I could sometimes get freak when they will touch in surprise. Lol
      I also have fear in deep water so I do not swim on the part of the pool or sea where my feet could not feel the base/floor anymore.
    10. Hotspot

      Hotspot Quiet Chatter

      I am afraid of getting lost, which contradicts my yearn for adventure.
      I also have coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.
      I am also kind of afraid of cats because of the way cats have treated me in the past.
    11. wendy

      wendy Quiet Chatter

      i dont like heights but my worst fear is loosing the next family member.
      After loosing my son i have a fear of funerals, sounds daft but i do x
    12. ramtastic05

      ramtastic05 Talkative

      there are alot of animals and bugs/insects that are poisonous and dangerous that im afraid of,
      also heights, and getting hit by a car,
    13. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I get really worried myself when I see weird looking bugs and insects especially when I do not know what they are. Usually I only get worried about hitting a car when one only just misses me :giggle: happened a few times to me.