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    Gas Plant Explosion In Florida

    Shortie861 Jul 30, 2013

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      A gas plant explosion has occurred in Florida killing some of the people who worked there.

      Source: Sky News

      It is shocking the amount of these kind of emergencies we seem to be seeing now, such a shame that so many have lost their lives during this.
    2. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      Nov 15, 2011
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      all the safety features set up years ago must be failing us now. Or the idiots of the world are finally working. One of the other, I hope other plants learn from this and not let the same thing happen.
    3. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      Jul 12, 2011
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      Oh my, so many deaths could have been avoided eh? Sheer stupidity, to be very honest here.
    4. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Aug 4, 2011
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      This was propane, slightly more stable than acetylene...that's the one you want no part of when it goes. The gas bottles are stuffed with rags and wood and other odd things because the gas is so unstable, to transport the bottles the bottom of the bottles must face the front of your vehicle if they are lying flat and must have the cap on. I was a welder for some time and made no mistakes when securing that acetylene, stay afraid of it and you live longer. One bottle can blow an entire building off it's slab, the firs thing fire fighters look for in industrial complexes during a call are the welding bottles. I don't think the loss of life was great in this explosion, at least that was the report early this morning when I woke up. There were like 17 initially listed as missing which showed up soon after the count, a couple with burns. I haven't watched news all day so I don't know if this has been updated or not. There is an exxon plant in Baton Rouge about 35 miles from me and one morning 25 years ago it blew, the blast actually shook my bed. Petro chemical plants are extremely dangerous and it's always a question of when it will blow, not will it blow.