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    Girlfriend gets revenge on boyfriend who loves Fifa 17

    Shortie861 Oct 6, 2016

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      So, this woman was fed up of her boyfriend not doing what she had asked and ignoring her so she took action.

      I personally wouldn't do this to my boyfriend however I can imagine some women do feel like this sometimes.

      Story and video: The Mirror

      How would you react if this happened to you?
      Smokey likes this.
    2. Smokey

      Smokey Shortie's Teddy Bear <3 Staff Member

      Jun 24, 2011
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      Happy to know you wouldn't do that to me sweetie :D <3

      I think it's funny, but at the same time maybe she overreacted just a bit. One could simply just unplug the console mid-game :p No need to destroy a defenseless disc :(
    3. Maddie

      Maddie Getting There

      Jul 11, 2014
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      You know, she could have just taken the disc and hide it from him. Then when the chores are done, they can have the game back. That's what a sensible person would have done. I also think she overreacted as well. All that make-up probably didn't cost as much as that game did that she snapped in two.