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    Good Aftershave Thread Surgestion Here Please

    madone Mar 7, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      hi everyone. as i am looking for a wife and always where loads of aftershave i just woundered has anyone got any recommendations ? the last one i got a few days ago is really hot and i love it but i am looking for my next one so please help me. please enjoy my review on this aftershave and the best shop in the world.

      don't EAU Sauvage me Parfum Dior - do you understand John Lewis ? 04.03.15

      just back from the deal
      not yet done a full examination
      a little disappointed no 100 ml
      but reassured by the quality and no cross contamination.
      i did have a little difficulty
      hoovering round the door was a undesirable
      but i am privileged and hate cruelty
      so i did not point out what was visible.
      straight in and browsing
      looking for the score
      not temptation or any arousing
      calling me was Dior.
      my mind had focus
      this was not my only delight
      selecting my fragrance is no hocus-pocus
      all done through and calculated on the John Lewis website.
      my first time i wore was special
      it really is deep
      lady's look at me and think "tasteful"
      please not i am on shelf and unbelievably cheap.
      it does linger
      this is my satisfaction
      at the end of a shift "Dior" don't finger
      because if my wife see's me my smell is her attraction.
      lady's look for me please
      in you my smell will ravage
      do you want to no my secret and tease
      John Lewis supplied me with EAU Sauvage.

      ( i go through aftershaves like cans of pop and when i get a good one i have to publicize it along with my dealer who always gives me top class gear at the best possible price. the question i want to prick the readers brains with is - have you ever smelt EAU Sauvage and did you like it or is there a better mans fragrance that will for sure find me a wife ? to encourage you to put suggestions of aftershaves to help me get nice ones, i will do a special poem on who ever supply's me with a fragrance that gets me a wife. if you no the bottle and forgot the name you might see it on the franance section of the John Lewis website.http://www.johnlewis.com/ )