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    His best friend...this is just a rant

    Rachel Jul 9, 2012

    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      so i went to see my friends David and Josh today...ive known josh bout 3 yrs we had talked bout possibly dating at one point but never got around to it. he always had a gf or i always had a bf. Josh and i always did a bit of flirting nothing harmful to anyone and today when i went and saw them both today he was all pissy cuz i was paying more attention to David then him. Lately as of the last year Josh has been blowing me off treating me like s**t not giving a damn bout how i feel or anything...so naturally ima talk to his friend bout it...even though i flipped the f**k out on his friend over something stupid he still cares still pays attention to me still cares so naturally ima kinda fall for David...and today when Josh had gone back inside i leaned back against the car...David came back up to me grabbed my waist gave me a hug then just kissed me...i was in shock i didnt know what to do...Josh saw that happen...now hes all pi**ed and saying i was lying to him and s**t...yes i did like josh in the past when we first met but i just couldnt keep going when he started treating me like s**t pretty much...

      Conclusion...Dont be pi**ed cuz u saw me kissing your friend...if you didnt want me to move on shoulda done what u could to keep me around....

      i shouldnt of started talking to his friend..but when someone gives you that attention you dont have to beg for you cant help yourself...no i dont regret kissing david but i regret the fact ive lost a good friend over him being stupid and jealous
    2. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      yeah indeed, he shouldn't have gone at you for this... or giving you full out at this.
    3. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      its whatever now. i talked to josh bout it were just not going to talk for a while but me and david are still fine. David even brought up the idea of coming to get me for a week over my birthday. I need the break i really do
    4. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      I agree with you, he may be all angry at you but it's his fault for not seeing what he could have had and letting it go in the first place. It's hard to lose a friend like that but what they need to understand is that your not going to stick around forever.

      The break sounds really nice :) I hope if you do go you have a great time :)
    5. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      He's not what you could class as a friend to be honest.
      He expects you to put your life in limbo while he carries on as normal.
      I don't think so :)
    6. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      im not butt hurt over it any...in the end i came out on top cuz i still have David and thats all i could ask for. and as for Josh...if we become friends again great if we dont oh well
      Shortie861 and APS like this.