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    Webmaster How Merging Forums Can Kill Or Save Your Forum

    StevenF50 Oct 23, 2011

    1. StevenF50

      StevenF50 New Chatter


      Merging forums can either save your forum or kill it, I will tell you why in this article. So if your considering merging forums please do read these topic as it could save your forum.

      How it will kill your forum
      If your forum is active and has a lot of dedicated members merging with bigger forums can make those users leave as they knew everyone in the community and suddenly all these new people they will feel like they have been pushed away.

      Another reason is if your a perfectly active forum then merging with forums in a similar genre can create battles like which community was better and ends up ripping the forum in two.

      How it will save a forum
      You have a small forum, your members are getting sick of it not growing, you then merge with another community so those members got what they wished, a more active community.

      Your a large forum but you are now very inactive due to the competition forums been way bigger and to many of them, pretty much any new advertising forum or even old ones will have this trouble. Staff are starting to leave and so are veteran members, you merge with other smaller forums in the same or similar genre, this makes your forum bigger meaning you can now rival the competition and get more new members.

      So now this should help make your decision of to merge or not to merge(bit of Shakespeare there, to be or not to be, to merge or not to merge ) I hope this article has helped you.

    2. Ikram45

      Ikram45 Getting There

      Very helpful article, Steven. If one has a large community then he should not think of getting merged.
    3. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      I think if a forum is dead merging it with an active one can breath new life back into it.
    4. Smokey

      Smokey Shortie's Teddy Bear <3 Staff Member

      Wouldn't necessarily call this an article but you do have some great points. In my experience, mergers never work out. Especially if you have an active forum, let the smaller ones in the same niche die out. There are other ways of obtaining new blood then merging with a less active community.
    5. RJH

      RJH Getting There

      The only forum I have seen that has been successful in mergers is Adminforums.
    6. Demon_skeith

      Demon_skeith Chataholic

      I've banked on a few merges during my lifetime as admin, only broke even on them all sadly.