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    i know ive done another post similar but i seriously mean this one this time

    Rachel Sep 15, 2012

    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      So after everything with David went down hill...i took a break from talking to people dating wise. but right when it was getting super bad i got a message from someone...Not thinking anything of it i started talking to him...hes been nothing but sweet to me. were two totally different people i mean it...in more ways then one too. were on skype almost every other night talking for hrs. hes in school and plays football...but what he doesnt know is i kinda sorta dont like football at all but for him ill bare it :) He got onto my a** yesterday bout not going and playing in the rain cuz ill get sick. now im not feeling to good cuz of playing in the rain...it makes me feel so good hes concerned bout the littlest things with me...its also so cuuute. hes always telling me how beautiful i am how amazing i am and how he just wants to be by my side and just wants to see me smile and make me feel like a girl really should when shes with a man. right now i cant way one bad thing bout him what so ever. hes just utterly and absolutly amazing. we may live 3hrs away but right now were in constant communication. and im always waking up to a message on my phone saying "good morning love, i hope you have a great day" i try and wake up before him so i can send him that message. cuz i know simple little messages like that make the difference in a good or bad day. ive had a couple bad days since we met but ive had family issues going on so its expected. but hes been there...listened to me and just let me vent. i cant wait til i can meet him. he lives up in Dallas which is bout 3hrs frm where i live now which isnt too far. Me and my momma are going up to Virginia and New York in May to see my bro and his gf and her friends getting married and she wants to go and of course do i. and when we go to NY were going to Central Park...im completly freaking excited bout that...i dont want to experience it alone and want him there with me. i mean ill be there with my mom and family but i want that someone special there you know??

      Well i think im done for now...
      BTW his name is Kelly and hes a cuutie heres a pic of him being all silly kelly.jpg kelly.jpg
    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      3 Hours is not that much distance wise.
    3. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      its really not...but when you dont have money or ur own car it seems like a world away