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    Ice Bucket Challenge

    Shortie861 Aug 19, 2014

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      So the Ice Bucket Challenge has been on going now for a while and to be honest I did not know what it was at first until I saw it more frequently on Facebook and celebrities started to do it.

      It's for a good cause which is for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which is a disease which is also known as the motor neurone disease.

      Celebrities and also the general public are challenged by others who have already been challenged and have accepted it and then they take on the challenge and nominate other people to do it.

      Has anyone here been nominated or taken on the ice bucket challenge yet? Would you do it?
    2. Ich Bin Butler

      Ich Bin Butler New Chatter

      Will Arnett nominated Vladimir Putin.
      It's one of those bandwagon things and kind of pointless. Yeah, great cause and all, but the original challenge was to donate $10 AND dump ice water all over your body, or stay warm and dry and donate $100. Then people were like "I'm not donating sh**, so let's pretend that if I do this, I'm helping ALS."
      Ultimately, a lot of money is going to be donated from the people decent enough to get involved, and the publicity is getting the ball rolling, but it's making me temporarily hate Facebook/the internet in general.
      Honestly, if I were nominated, I'd just do nothing. I don't have the money to give at the moment. Maybe if I had a spare ten to throw them, I would do it, but that's a quarter tank of gas or several days worth of food right there.
    3. deepdoop

      deepdoop New Chatter

      That's the problem with something like this. It's gotten so mainstream that it's lost its meaning to a lot of people. Don't get me wrong, the awareness aspect of going pop is awesome, but the message often gets lost, or like you said, people just ice themselves and do nothing.

      Edit: Will Arnett is kind of awesome. He pisses me off because I just plowed through 30 Rock a few months ago and he's such a douchebag, and whenever I see him I think of his character, but he's crawling his way back into my heart.
    4. Ich Bin Butler

      Ich Bin Butler New Chatter

      That's it! It's a game now, not an honest campaign for charity.

      However, I'm not sure if that's totally a bad thing. I mean, it's hard to make people care about something that they don't have a personal connection to. You can't just "spread awareness" and expect people to act. Things are happening, maybe, I guess. Certainly more than if this ice bucket thing never started. And if folks are having fun, where's the harm?

      I would complain about seeing it all over Facebook, but what the hell does Facebook owe me? Most of those people are people I went to high school with who I'll never see again. What can I really expect in terms of wholesome content?