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    Immigration in the U.S.

    simplymama Aug 22, 2011

    1. simplymama

      simplymama New Chatter

      Do you feel that the US is doing enough to control immigration and illegal immigration? Should more restrictions be in place? Why or why not?
    2. artistry

      artistry New Chatter

      The federal government, needs to develop a comprehensive program to deal with immigration. If they would provide some way for the people who are in the U. S. illegally to become citzens over a period of time. Perhaps pay some fine for entering illegally, it would pay to have them start payng taxes into the system, as programs such as Medicare, are in need of help for future solvency. At the Mexican border, Mexico should work in conjunction with the states to control the borders. This is a complex problem, which needs to be solved, in a feasible way.
    3. clauemi

      clauemi Quiet Chatter

      I don't care if all of South American wants to come to US, it's fine with me as long as there are certain rules. Punishment for all the criminals is not enough. I am Hispanic, my parents brought me over when a child, I pay taxes, I help my community, I've never been in trouble with the law, I know English like any American, so I deserve to be here. On the other hand I can't count the times I have seen or know of Hispanics beating their wives and kids, driving drunk, not paying taxes and numerous other things that they get away with. If you want to be in this country then you have to contribute something positive or else suffer the consequences. I hate it when an illegal cries over being deported when it's their own fault for the most part, I do feel sorry for the families though who have no fault. Criminals ruin it for everyone else.

      Illegal immigration isn't going to stop from any country so US might as well do something about it. Something about racism should be done as well. I've been victim of racism a few times just because I am Hispanic and I have done nothing to deserve it. Just a few months ago my car battery died and one lady was helping me out when this American guy came up to us and asked if we needed help. I spoke to him in English and even said thank you and the whole time he completely ignored me as if I were not there.