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    It’s Official: Windows 8 Will Drop On October 26th

    APS Jul 18, 2012

    1. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Redmond Pie
    2. iPhonefreak

      iPhonefreak New Chatter

      I am curious about this! I am wanting to get it on launch day, but I am unsure if I should. You never know about windows.
    3. VirusZero

      VirusZero New Chatter

      I don't think I'll get Windows 8... I'll probably pass on it and look for Windows 9 (or update to a new laptop with Windows 7 now). The new interface that 8 has looks, to be honest, like a terrible idea for a desktop. It'd work great for a tablet or smartphone where users don't have a mouse and keyboard. But forcing the same interface to a desktop looks awkward and will probably be confusing for most people. Plus I don't see the point in having the second interface on a desktop, when I'm using a desktop computer I want the standard desktop interface (with the background, my start button, my installed programs icons and whatever else I put on my desktop) and switching back and forth between them seems pointless to me.

      I think Microsoft is taking a real gamble on this and I don't think it's going to pay off because they made too many changes and a lot of them are backwards and silly and fly in the face of a desktop usage.
    4. benjaminp

      benjaminp Quiet Chatter

      I'm definitely interested in trying it. I've been tempted to download and dual boot the release preview in the past, but never got round to doing it.

      I was contemplating buying it, but I'll probably just wait till it's available for download on MSDNAA (nice student perk).
    5. HaZe

      HaZe New Chatter

      The official release of Windows 8 is supposed to be on October 26, 2012. Anyone gonna get it or tried the demo yet?

      I'm thinking of burning it on a CD once it comes out, but I may just stick with Windows 7 EDIT: I didn't see APS's thread, please delete this one :(