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    1. Rachel

      Rachel Quiet Chatter

      Feb 15, 2012
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      Dear Lee,
      You are gone but never far from thought. Never really got to know you but from all those late nights chatting about music and just about life I feel like we had always been friends. Wish i could of had the chance to actually meet you but now i know youre safe and not hurting anymore that makes me perfectly happy. When i found out what had happened i admit i was pi**ed as f**k at you but then i realized that youre no longer hurting and broke down in tears. You are a great man and i thank you for everything youve done. Everytime i hear a Halestorm song i think of you and all i can do is just crank it up louder and sing along with Lzzy. We may of never gotten to go to a Halestorm concert together and never will but i promise the next time they are remotely close to them when they are playing i will do whatever it takes to show my a** up there rock out as hard as i can and think of you the whole time and even get a pic with Arejay(not on my shoulders though, ill leave that up to you).

      and some days when im pi**ed off its cuz i was blind and didnt see there was anything going on with you...i feel like there was something i could of done...i wish i could be the hero but i cant save everyone...i cant even save myself most of the time...but Lee just remember you are still very much alive in your friends and familys hearts. You live on through us.

      You are very greatly missed always thought about and never forgotten....i cant wait til the day i can be up in the clouds jamming out to some great a** music.


      P.S. I know youll never get the chance to read it but its something i needed to get out before i had a night where i got no sleep cuz i was thinking of you.

      Sweet dreams and rock on!!!!!
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