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    Louis Theroux Bbc2 - Has He Helped You Understand Transgender ?

    madone Apr 6, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      louis theroux BBC2 - has he helped you understand Transgender ? 06.04.15

      BBC2 i applaud
      my appreciation is a clue
      this man you have to award
      because gold is mr Theroux.
      Louis is a pure aroma
      his gift is a rule that's fundamental
      watching his style never puts me in a comma
      i adore the fact he is non judgmental.
      from victims to the criminal
      he will always try to understand
      no one is invisible
      he is a top reporter on this land.
      one show made me surrender
      because my heart was breaking
      the ache from people who are transgender
      nearly was to much for me to be taking.
      i can see the ahead road
      different is always blasted
      children are mean and will make you explode
      there power and acceptance will help "transgender" not be outcast ed.
      thank you mr Theroux for the insight
      my cards are down and i have a agenda
      i hope i have raised awareness of there fight
      and all readers support me and treat with respect transgender.

      ( last night i watched this fab show on bbc2. omg was it powerful. i was crying. i am not asking anyone to comment on my poem. if you watched the show i would love to no what did you think of it ? has your attitude changed ? can you see the pain transgender people have to go through ? or are you even more convinced these people are FREEEKS? it may be a bank hoil but i have work today on my normal shift and as this does not involve anything else i am convinced and feel safe i will not get a funny look from a GM associate so even if i do pass the dog i can smile and hold my head hi and be assured WHAM is no where near. i admit defeat on the change website as all the petitions i have got up and running has landed me with zero supporters, but i am not put off. if you want to help change how we treat transgender people feel free to help herehttps://www.change.org/p/the-uk-comm...t_created=true or if you have no idea what i am on about watch this BBC iPlayer - Louis Theroux - Transgender Kids )

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