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    Man Sets Fire To House Trying To Eliminate Ants.

    Shortie861 Aug 8, 2014

    1. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      First spiders and now ants nests. What is wrong with people nowadays that they feel the need to set fire to things to get rid of them.

      A man who lives in Bramley, Rotherham, South Yorkshire managed to set fire to the outside of his house after dousing an ants nest in his garden with petrol and setting it alight which ended up setting fire to a hedge in his garden which lead to his house.

      Source: Sky News
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    2. APS

      APS Administrator Staff Member

      Some people just don't have the brains they were born with :)
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    3. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Ha, have you ever seen a Tumbleweed burn ? nasty weeds they are and unstoppable. I think I read that they were not native to America but brought in with the early Russian settlers in their seed and grain they planted. In Nevada they blow for hundreds of miles and in certain times of the year when the winds are extra high I have seen stacks 20 feet high alongside a fence. They are pure energy and when dry they burn like a petrol fire, hot black nasty smoke, you would think it was an airplane crash if you saw a pile burning. There was an old man courting a widow across the road from my Brothers place in Nevada and he had seen my Brother burning the Tumbleweeds on the 5 acres he lived on, sure he burned them but he would take a rake and throw one or two into the pile or fire and allow them to burn down, then toss more in until they were all gone. This guy came over and ask my Brother how to get rid of the Tumbleweeds and my Brother was just honest and told him " I burn them !".. the guy went back across the road and raked up a pile of Tumbleweeds at least 20 feet high and then set them on fire, it didn't take but about 2 minutes and the fire was spreading along the ground and going in the direction of a few nice homes, people came running out of there houses and started putting water on their roofs with garden hoses, by the time the fire department got there and got it under control it had burned about 3 acres , but it was only scrub anyway so no harm done. My Brother and I were just completely astonished that this guy would set all those Tumbleweeds on fire at one time, since there was two roads between us and that property we knew it wouldn't jump the road and come over to our side, so we sat there under our shade tree and drank a cold beer watching this guy run back and fourth with a little pink plastic trash can, it could hold all of one and half gallons of water, he had no hose and it wouldn't have done any good anyway, we laughed at that pink plastic container and got into the car and left for the store, the black smoke was a hundred feet in the air and it looked a war zone, it took two pumper trucks from the local fire department to put the fire out. You have to imagine that guy running back and fourth with that little container of water to see any humor in this story, but it was funny ... no harm was done and the guy never came over to ask how to do anything again.
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    4. Spice

      Spice Chat Addict

      Can you say idiot?
    5. Smokey

      Smokey Shortie's Teddy Bear <3 Staff Member

      What a moron. God people are getting dumber and dumber, aren't they?