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    Food & Drink Mayo

    Naiwen Apr 19, 2012

    1. Naiwen

      Naiwen Chat Addict

      So yeah, do you like the mayo or not? I do, I dip my ketchup in it, I eat it with ketchup and relish and sometimes mustard. XDD How weird eh?
    2. fiona1964

      fiona1964 Chataholic

      I use mayo in sandwichs, pasta and to dip my chips in to
    3. Domestic Goddess

      Domestic Goddess Regular Chatter

      I love mayo, more so than salad dressing, and it has to be Hellmann's. But... I do use salad dressing when it comes to making potato salad and other pasta salads. And when making deviled eggs, I only make them with salad dressing (no mayo). I have been known to you use both salad dressing & mayo when making an immitation crab salad.

      When it comes to making a sandwich, I only add mayo to mine, where as my hubby only prefers his sandwiches with salad dressing.

      My hubby always tease me and says... "Guess you like a little bit of sandwich with your mayonnaise!"

      Speaking of mayonnaise... talking about mayo made me hungry, so I just toasted some whole wheat bread, and topped it with creamy peanut butter and mayonnaise. It tastes sooo good!!
    4. Dirty Harold

      Dirty Harold Bringin' Secsy Back

      I put tons of mayo on chicken sandwiches, delectable.
    5. Grungie

      Grungie Raging Alcoholic

      I put mayo in all of my sandwiches. It's one of those things that are disgusting by itself, but I love it in my sandwiches.