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    Merry Christmas

    HAL WARD Dec 16, 2014

    1. HAL WARD

      HAL WARD Getting There

      Aug 4, 2011
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      I have been pretty busy lately cleaning and trying to get ready for a move back to my hometown area of Houston. Maybe one day I can get caught up and post more. I have sat here now for 6 long years and got sidetracked and did not stay for a short time and go back to Houston like I had planned on doing. It's alright to do that if your a young person but when you get old it's not good to not follow through with plans, you run out of time and find yourself having a very hard time to do simple things you once could do in a moments notice. I hope to do this by winters end and if I find I can't meet that deadline then I'm leaving anyway. Got some things working that might help me, for instance a free house to live in belonging to one of my old friends I met about 25 years ago, this house is only about a 1/16th of a mile down the highway to my left and had I know that I could have lived there for free I would have already been home by now. All I would need to pay is the electric bill and of course my cable internet , can't live without that now can we. I hope to spend my final days no matter how many they may be North of Houston out in the nice clean smelling country air, it's still there I've been told by reliable sources. I hope to work a bit more once I get there. I have a stone deaf dog I took in as a puppy when I first arrived here and went to work, she is now over 6 years old and being deaf I got out of the habit of trying to let her ride when she was young because deaf dogs are a complete handful and very hard to manage, it's much like a child with disabilities. I also had the other dog who was a lot older and she would go with me to work and just stay in the Truck. That dog is gone now and the deaf dog is my only shadow and my best friend, I bought a nice harness and leash to get her adjusted to walking and riding with me in the Truck and she was so happy and excited to be going with me I made the first ride shorter and then today I took her again and for the first time I left her in the Truck by herself as I went in and shopped for a few minutes, she barked and carried on for a bit them calmed down and tomorrow it is another shopping trip so she will gradually get accustomed with the routine and I hope to get her calmed down and where she can just ride without being so high strung and excited. This trip back to my home will be about 350 miles and 6 or 7 hours so that's what awaits me for the new year. I wish to all of you health happiness and a very nice holiday season
    2. seximami

      seximami Chataholic

      Feb 19, 2012
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      Good luck and Merry Christmas.
      HAL WARD likes this.
    3. Shortie861

      Shortie861 Administrator Staff Member

      Mar 24, 2011
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      Sounds like you have a very busy New Year ahead of your HAL :) I really hope the move goes well for you and Merry Christmas to you! :)
      HAL WARD likes this.