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    Move Over Banksy We Now Have ?anksy

    madone Apr 26, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      banksy.jpg 26.04.15

      its a good job i can rhyme
      because this i could not draw
      perfect is this crime
      its a delicate matter so put away the claw.
      it is wrong to graffiti
      don't dare get out the hanky
      one person to "street art" does it sweetly
      no1 is Banksy.
      appearing now is the anatomy
      at present they have no gold boarder
      does this "artist" need a vasectomy
      or are they a "penis" hoarder.
      swap to the other side
      your imagination must not lack
      because in this "artist" there is a divide
      would they have been better to draw a posterior crack.
      is it the state of the roads
      my mind has gone blank
      but my anger towards the government explodes
      moaning about the cost to remove the "graffiti" proves they all ????.

      ( you can read about this story here http://metro.co.uk/2015/04/25/myster...fixed-5166690/
      http://www.change.org/p/government-f...t_created=true )
    2. steel bat

      steel bat Chat Addict

      Many roads do need repairing but it is not right for some unelected random to take it upon themselves to decide which roads ought to be repaired - that is why we vote for local councilors and if we feel something needs to be done then that is who we should take it up with.

      As for painting obscene images in public places - that is simply criminal behaviour.
    3. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      i think he got fed up repoting the problem and nothing being done he felt he had to do something that would get there attention. maybe its not the right way - but hey - he got noticed.