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    Music-al Talent

    GuyS Jan 26, 2012

    1. GuyS

      GuyS New Chatter

      Jan 26, 2012
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      This is a Music discussion area and we can discuss Musical Artist, there's lot's of great performer's, I'd like to talk about something simular: Having Musical Talent/Singing/Playing/Performing.
      I have been a musician for 30 years, loved entertaining and enjoying the same thing we're talking about here, Music. But this is where "WE" are the music, we entertain others who listen, I am inspired by Bruce Springsteen, I have a 52 Fender Telecaster and a re-issue, my equipment is valued at $8,000. I enjoy the serious side of playing, I was mostly a "One Man Band", When my fiance` Karen met me(not playing out), I told her I was a one man band, and she thought of some one who played guitar with symbols between his knees, lol, I said NO, I have keyboards that have all the band instruments I want, I program all the songs from scratch, not karaoke. we laughed, and Karen enjoyed going out with me on all my gig's, we had a great time. But the feeling of being on stage, is like when your at a concert, the excitement of it, well, its a 100Xs better, the adrenaline that flows is amazing. You feel special, cause your making people sing and dance with every strum and every note. So, I do a Bruce Springsteen cover band show, I have his voice and movements down to a tee. And I also have my own music, with I'll share one song I wrote for Karen, about when I first met her. That's where musicians can write songs, through: Life experience and inspiration.
      Look for "Another Bottle of wine" on another thread.