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    Night Bus Ch4 Documentary - Bring In Queen And Living On My Own

    madone May 20, 2015

    1. madone

      madone Shy Chatter

      Mar 7, 2015
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      night bus ch4 documentary - bring in Queen and living on my own 20.05.15

      traveling at night is not heaven
      some may feel its threatening
      but for some they are glad its twenty four seven
      this is TFL best ever letting.
      i love ch4 documentary's
      this one was about the night bus
      classic was the "gay man" explaining about entry's
      oozing out of me was laughter pus.
      together everyone is mixing
      the old with the young
      this community needs no fixing
      it is constant in and out with more action then my lung.
      what great people in London city
      its so sad some are lonely
      the bus ride is proof they don't want pity
      traveling at night is to conquer only.
      thank you for this insight
      i don't want no detox
      the night bus on ch4 was a pure delight
      the icing on the cake is a review on Googlebox.

      ( if you don't want to feel after you watched this documentary if you can find it on 4demand http://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-ra...c4-documentary then i suggest you take the night bus - and who no's if you see a strange old man writing poetry on the back seat - stay well clear. with all due respect and seriousness - this was great documentary and we all need to be like this to make this god forsaken life a little better. i hope freddie and queen don't mind me leaving a link to the song that i feel sums up my feelings when i travel on the night bus. but after ch4 show - i am sure things are going to get better. it really is a great show and well worth a watch if you have the time. its called the night bus on ch4 so use a search engine and watch it online if you want a good viewing. )